Won't go into gear, won't shift into overdrive

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by TravelingOnTheOutskirts, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. I had a very clear, concise post, but I lost it so here's my second less-detailed attempt.

    Two days ago we had issues with our 94 suburban 4x4 trying to slip in and out of gears. We had no choice but to take it to a transmission shop where they replaced the yoke, chain, & "some bearings" - that cost $1100. Now I have $300 to get home with and she's acting up, again!

    About two hours ago she was just not wanting to go into overdrive. I drove it anyway (keeping the RPMs down) because I have to get home soon or I'll run out of money and die of dysentery. After a bit I stopped and let her rest. When she started again her belt was squeaking just a bit, but it stopped once I got off the line....Then she stopped shifting easily into all gears entirely.

    When it wouldn't go into overdrive, I thought it was a simple fix, perhaps a vacuum line?, or even spark plugs? (I read somewhere on here that someone was having similar issues and replaced the plugs and all was better) but now I fear the worse.

    Any thoughts? I'm about to sell the whole rig, with all my possessions plus the small pop up trailer I'm pulling and fly back home empty handed. Suggestions? Keep in mind I'm stranded in a Walmart plaza, I've got a good set of tools, but no access to a lift unfortunately....
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    only logical way to go is take it back to the trans shop u had the work done. tell them they didnt fix jacksh1t.

    p.s. did you check fluid levels?..check underneath for something out of place? (vacuum lines,loose something) i mean i dont know what else. other than they really didnt fix your problem before
  3. I'd take it back if I weren't 1200 miles away. We're on the road to FL, and the transmission place was in Salt Lake City and now we're in Columbia, MO and they did fix the original issue of the 4x4 trying to engage.

    The shop we took it to is an http://www.atra.com certified shop and they said they cover the work for 90 days. There's a place in Columbia, MO that is also a shop that will honor their warranty, but they're no open at the moment.

    We put some lucas in it but to no avail. We were going to try spark plugs (because they were cheap) but walmart's computer was down and their backup book only went back to the year 2000. Whoo hoo go me!
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    wow bro. it seems the badluck gods has frowned upon you on your trip. i would just baby it to the shop who will honor the warranty. dont spend anymore money that is unnecessary.

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