worst cars on the road

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by ThatSilverStepside, Apr 11, 2010.

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    I agree with that since it seems that they are always beating up on the Big three for any little thing but it takes an 8million car recall for anyone to say a word against Toyota.. Quite stupid...
  3. pmartin816

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    Amen. I'm tired of seeing the big three crapped on when the other car companies, in my opinion, get off free from any wrong doing. I had a 2001 honda civic which I bought because everybody always told me they go for 300,000 + miles. Well thats a load. Mine had to have a new tranny in it at 88,000 miles and has been nothing but a piece of crap. From now on its nothing but gm or an american nameplate. No more Jap traps for me.
  4. murdog94

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    At least im not the only one who feels that way.....
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    The only thing faulty is the stats....

    I recently let my subscription to CR expire. It was my second subscription in an 8 year period. I was expecting\hoping for a more level and balanced review of products, especially automobiles. There reports influence a lot people and decisions are based on what people expect to be unbiased evaluations. Sadly, little had improved since 2002. I remember thinking that perhaps I was just a bit more self-conscience about how harsh our Grand Prix GTP was rated and how the "comparable" Toyota Camry was a much "better" purchase. The biggest hits against the GP were that the interour "looked cheap" and "it had way too much HP then anybody reasonably needed. DUH, That is why I bought it! I happen to be issued a Camry rental on a business trip and I have to say I spent a good portion of my driving time trying to figure out how the Camry's interior was not any less cheap then the GP. Look, I don't expect glowing reviews to reassure me of my purchase. GM did a poor job on upper manifold gaskets on the 3.8L, however the evaluation matrix used to gauge the results was at best flawed and at worst weighted. Given the details of the recent Toyota reliability issues and faulty design it is ludicrous to not show a measurable change in the numbers. Not much as changed at CR
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    I hear ya on that one. I am actually trying to get another car for my wife and we have been looking at the GP GTP and the look nicer and cleaner than any camery that i have ever looked at..
    And if any car suits a persons liking then it is good to go. But when it is very one sided quite ridiculous...
  7. 09Z71

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    the Escalade is probably more reliable than one of those Tundra (Toyota Tercel with a truck bed) ****boxes (Toyota Turdra). oh well, at least the Escalade will always be just about the best, most handsome looking Luxury SUV's on the road.
  8. Thundare

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    About the dodge nitro, Yea that thing sucks ass. My mom has a 2008 and the tranny is so f'ed up, its controlled by a computer. Today my mom accidentally killed that battery so i jumped it and when i drove it to the store it would not shift out of first i was like wtf, so my dad freaked out like everyone else if something happens in my possession but i fixed by disconnecting the battery and by that resetting the computer. I would have never bought this thing. And for the Ford F250 i think they under rated that truck a lil bit, My grandpa has a 2008 F250 and its an alright truck, nothing compared to a 5.9 dodge ofc. Its a nice luxury truck for a good value but the thing gets crappy mileage and it use's a liter of fuel to clean the "Exhaust Filter" which is the Catalytic converter that looks like a freakin turbine engine every 100-300 miles. The Engine and tranny are screwed up too, If you need to stomp on the pedal to move real fast it takes like 2 seconds for it to kick in because they dont want to cause "Black Smoke" which is a load of crap. To work on the engine for this truck they need to REMOVE THE WHOLE PASSENGER CAB. it also has 6 radiators in it.
  9. ThatSilverStepside

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    I'm sick of hearing about how GM sucks and toyota must have been built by God himself. I've had better luck with GM than anything I've ever driven. And I've driven enough from GM that I dotn think its luck anymore
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    i agree with the aveo (nothing more than a daewoo with a bowtie) and the colorado but the escalade is a good rig just far overpriced

    their abunch of idiots who write that stuff

    anybody read the 12 hiddin cost of home ownership or what ever they called it? i think they got a middle school class writing these things

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