Worst GM Customer Service Experience Ever

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by medicmatt, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. medicmatt

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    I live in the central part of the state (but not in Wake County). I bought my truck from Bob King Auto in Wilmington. If you're looking at going to a dealership in WF, Raleigh, Durham, etc. you're not going to be where I was. Despite how much I'm unhappy with what they did, I won't blast them publicly on this forum by calling them out by name.

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    Thanks for the kind words. As an update, I have faxed my invoice to the dealership I bought the truck from. The service manager there is submitting it to GM and requesting a good will request, hopefully getting me back some, if not all of my money. There are no guarantees, but at least he's trying.

    Lesson learned...from now on I will take my truck to a Chevy dealership near my office, and when/if I need service again...I'll drive the two hours to go to the dealership I bought it from. He's done me right, and even if he can't get me anything back, he's done more than my local dealer to ensure my business goes to him.
  2. Coach24

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    BBB is a good idea but I would contact Consumers affair office in your state and file a complaint. Is there a pattern of chevy trucks failing due to salt air in 3400 miles? where do they get their evidence that this caused the failure?
  3. JnBama

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    People can really be taken advantage of, I was living 200 miles away at the time , my dad had a vacum leak on his Crown Vic , he took it to three different dealers wasting if I remember right $700 with no results. He left his car with a retired plant maint. mech. and after an hour called and said he found a leaking 2" hose , a cousin up in the ranks with Ford in Detroit said he would help with a complaint but guess tired ol'Dad didn't want to go to the trouble.
  4. PantheraUncia

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    I absolutely hate going to the dealership here, the parts guys are nice, but the service people and sales people are horrendous.
  5. medicmatt

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    On a plus side, at least since my brakes aren't sticking anymore, I have gained just over 2mpg on my fuel mileage. Still dislike the dealership, but at least they fixed the problem!
  6. ChevyFan

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    You would have had to been towing a tank down a mountain to wear the brakes down at 3400 miles. Hmm, try contacting @GM Customer Service on this website and see if they can help you out. Looks like the dealer took you for a ride.
  7. medicmatt

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    Thanks Steve, I may try that. I'm waiting to see if the dealer I bought it from can get it taken care of through a goodwill write-off, at least part of it anyway. We'll see.

    I was less than thrilled when I called Chevrolet last week. That did nothing, they just sided with the dealer and said "it's environmental so it's not covered". Not really concerned with the fact it took a week or that I was flat out told you didn't buy the truck from us so we don't really have to do any more than what we have.
  8. dsfloyd

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    sorry to hear about the whole ordeal. glad your purchasing dealer is trying to help. over the years I have definately found dealers that I like more than others. One in particular where I have purchased a couple vehicles and try to take my wifes car when needing service. All because I have felt that I was treated very well in both service and sales.
  9. bsmntcritr

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    This thread makes me wonder why there's been nary a peep from a poster who signs themselves as "Tricia, GM customer service".
  10. needshave

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    I share your grief. Chevrolet is not the Chevrolet of past. I bought a new 2002 silverado. At 3750 miles my transmission went out. The GM dealer said that will be 4800.00 please. What about some help with this GM I asked...3700 miles come on, sorry no record of previous trouble in your service report. This one is yours. It will be my last from Goverment motors.

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