would I be getting ripped off?

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  1. Schwindle

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    So I stopped at a performance shop today and had a chat with the owner. I plan on installing a K&N CAI and Magnaflow Cat-exhaust system. He suggested to me that after I add these mods I should bring her in and they will install a chip that they are familiar with and have it completely programed on the dyno which is like 350 per hour. This seems a bit costly but is it worth it???
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    How much do you want to maximize the performance and MPG from your new parts?
    $350 an hour sounds high for Dyno time. But he is correct with his suggestion about a new chip. Or you could purchase a tuner and do some adjusting on your own, but this really depends on your level of knowledge about how your engine runs and what it needs to run better.
  3. retired2001

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    There are several "tuners" on the site, so maybe one of them can give you some advice or tell you if you are getting a good deal. Good luck!
  4. Schwindle

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    I would like to maximize the overall performance as mudh as possible but at the same time keep the engine as happy and healthy for the long haul. A friend of mine was telling me that there are programmers specifically set up for each vehicle and do most of the readings themselves al the user really has to do is pick what setting"perfomance, mileage, towing etc." Im just not sure what is best there are so many options... I've been looking but the more I read and research the dumber I feel.
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    would i be getting ripped off??

    Thats the highest dyno rate Ive ever seen.
  6. Schwindle

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    Well its not the biggest town its prolly the only one around.

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