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Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires Classifieds' started by jdennis44, Oct 4, 2011.

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    I really like those GMC 20's without the chrome cladding. I had only seen the chrome cladding removed from the 5 spoke Chevy wheels. Those ones look really nice without the chrome, but they have centercaps, so when you pull the cladding off, you can't find centercaps to fit the bare wheel. These ones look very nice, finished, and classy. They might be worth considering if i'm ever in the market for a different set of 20's.

    Just for reference, here is the chev chrome-clad 20 without the cladding (borrowed from GMFS so nobody comes after me):

    Just for the sake of not thread-jacking TOO much here... I've never seen the chrome-clad 18s jdennis44 wants with the cladding pulled off. These GMC 20's Mike posted here look pretty good installed though... maybe something to consider instead of the 18s. Here's a couple of pics (again, borrowed from GMFS - they seem to like to try all possible stock wheels over there):
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    x2...on sorry not wanting to jack either.....Peter I've seen these pictures on the both GMFS and P.T Truck Forum's.....they are Escalade 20's.....also in the 1st picture, can see the Bowtie center-cap Peter??......below is the E-bay Link for these rims,

    08-11 ESCALADE ESV EXT 20" MACHINED SILVER T/O WHEELS - eBay (item 300588072717 end time Sep-14-11 15:02:23 PDT)

    Once Again Sorry jdennis44 for jacking the thread.....
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    First... the center caps for the Chev wheel are plastic and shaped to match the spokes on the chrome cladding. As soon as you take the cladding off, those center caps won't work. The plastic removed and powdercoated wheel (2nd picture) shows the lack of center cap

    Next... not that it matters at all, really, but that seller is mistaken as to the vehicle they originally came from. GM is yet to put any "chrome" cladding on any of the Escalade wheels. The escalade 20's are actually chrome and have more spokes. Despite what he says, those are actually these GMC wheels:

    Either way, the bottom line is that they look really good once you pull the plastic off, and they will fit all the trucks and SUVs anyways.

    Annndddd.... I've decided this isn't threadjacking.... its suggesting a nice 20" wheel to jdennis44 as another possible option :lol:
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    no not the Chrome ones i am looking for one of the below. Sorry i didnt specify!

    18%20Inch%20Silverado%20Wheel.jpg silverado20wheels.jpg
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    Honestly I dont know! I'm not 100% sure if i want to take mine back to stockys while I figure out what look to go for next or leave it the way it is! But if anyone is willing to make the trade worthwhile I will.

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    Speak of the Devil!!! I just found a set on Craigslist for $350 so I am no longer trading mine! i am going to buy these and have both sets! Sorry everyone but we can remove this thread now. I no longer need to trade! oh and guys dont worry about jacking any of my threads! any of the info that comes about on my threads for whatever reason is greatly appreciated!! and again I am no longer looking for a trade!
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    Seriously? Again, with people getting these for crazy cheap on craigslist? :lol: I hate trying to buy anything vehicle related in Canada... its expensive!

    good find, and now you have the choice for whatever look you want.

    Oh, and just for reference - that second picture in post 14 is actually the 20" aluminum wheel for the silverado.
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    oh yeah I know. i like either one os those! but maybe you should just shop for stuff down here and pay a little more for shipping.... it'd be worth a shot
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    I agree - that would limit my shopping more along the lines of eBay though... I don't trust people enough to do an online craigslist deal. Maybe next time I go to phoenix I'll see whats around there and just ship stuff to myself. :lol:
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    Well unfortunately I dont know how we'd make it work BUT when you are shopping for something you let me know and I'll search around here for you and maybe we could figure out a way to get it and get it to you!
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    I'll keep that in mind. I would be a lot more comfortable sending money by paypal to a GMTC member if I were to find a good deal on something than I would with sending it to some random guy on craigslist and hoping for the best.

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