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    So, to cut a long story short, I need to buy a new exhaust muffler from the US and ship it to Saudi. Looking online, I'm after this sort of thing. I can only go on looks, eg, this looks like it will fit my truck but Amazon says it won't. Why wouldn't it fit? It has a dual inlet and a single output which in think are the same sizes?

    The truck is a 1996 GMC K2500 Suburban, 7.4L. Cheers.
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    Online JEGS lists this muffler for GMC 88-95 and Center In 3"/Dual Out 2.5"
    Notice the 3 inch IN and DUAL OUT.
    Try their online catalog for correct # muffler.
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    On the Flowmaster website, it states that these mufflers are reversible. Yes, I got that it needed a dual input and single output.

    Anyway, drove around the car workshops in Riyadh, showed them the pic of the Flowmaster, asking if they had anything like that. Same answer all round was no. I had to a a car accessory shop - different part of town of course - buy one there and then bring it back to be fitted. One of these shops were quoting me in the region of $250 just for the muffler, fitting would have been extra.

    However, one helpful chap took a copy of the pic, and whilst I was having the AC fixed, he sent me a message saying he'd found a used Magnaflow muffler. Went back to him afterwards and he fitted it and has also put on a new exhaust tip. Will post up some pics tomorrow. Got the whole thing done, the muffler, the fitting, the chrome exhaust tip for around $220.

    Thanks for the advice, greatly appreciated.
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    Is this true? The muffler is reversible?! I want one for my wife's truck which is dual in and single out.
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