would you start with new plugs?

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    I have a 95 suburban, original owner, with a 350. 2 months ago i went cheap and just did spark plugs vs the entire tuneup. It ran great, all the power no missing. It rained and with the moisture it seemed to miss a little I go to work at 4 am so I looked under the hood and saw a little arching like a bad wire.
    ive been ignoring that.
    It has very high mileage so I keep a watch on the oil level and appearance-its been looking ok.
    I work alot and have been putting off an oil change for about 5000 miles. On the way to work going really fast- I looked at the oil tach and it was low next to zero low-it never has been low. I pulled over looked at the dipstick and it appeared ok-the oil looked what I would call a littlle runny but the color was right and it wasnt foamy. I still added oil (1/2) qt (since Im a female and didnt know what else to do) waited about 10 minutes started for work. There was a slight tapping noise initially, but stopped almost as soon as it started. It ran/performed fine the way home and the next morning. I took it that afternoon for an oil change I asked for 10/30 and I think that is what they put in it, I use maxlife valvoline. I have been doing this for the last 8 years and all has been great they did the oil filter and other fluids. I left, the oil pressure shot up higher than usual (the gage usually hangs around the 1/2way mark but this time it was about at the 3/4 mark, after driving off and on for a few hours it came back down to just above the 1/2 mark (if the pressure has anything to do with what happens next!?Idk
    Today I left work did some freeway driving and then in town at a stoplight I took off from the light and noticed billougwing grey smoke from my exhaust like burning oil, I turned into my destination and was backing into a parking spot and my truck stalled and I again I noticed exhaust fumes. I checked the oil it looked ok Driving home I noted it was missing harded than usual. The exhaust is a light grey and my neighbor checked my oil and said it looks good maybe Very full overfilled just a bit. He thinks there is oil on a sparkplug and is also wondering if they didnt accidentally put a lower weight oil in also.
    Now I have extremely high miles on this engine-But I really think the exhaust thing can be remedied
    I want to know where you guys would start-thursday I am going to have a thorough tuneup. Today I put in high octane gas (because originally I thought I got some gasoline that wasnt so good) At idle the oil pressure hangs just above the 1/4 mark-but it has done this for many years-my neighbor questioned that at first. Today it almost sounded like it was backfiring just ever so lightly-not as much as sound as feel. This is my baby-be gentle Tune up for now? and is there such a thing as an oil pump Ive never had one done that I can remember and I remember alot about this truck since Ive hardly had to fix anything so If I had to I would recall that It has just under 400,000. Saturday. besides a slight 'miss', it was running beautifully and even today the power is awesome (between the missing!)
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    X2.... on that finish the tune up, and go from there..
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