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Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by MCrewsZ71, Oct 30, 2012.

  1. MCrewsZ71

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    It has been a while since i've been active on here! I've been crazy busy lately. I lifted the 90 K1500 six inches and a cople days ago I bought a 91 Suburban 4x4! That thing is a monster....i'll post some pics when I can. The Suburban has a "Geneva" package. Has anyone ever heard of it?
  2. tbplus10

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    Some one else posted about the "Geneva" package a year or two back, I want to say it was something to do with an audio manufacturer that was involved in the conversions.
  3. SurrealOne

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    What little I can find via Google suggests that there's separate front and rear stereo systems, a TV with a VCR, and possibly wood trim and limo tint involved in the Geneva Package. Does yours have any of those things or remnants of them?
  4. ahmitchell1

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    I was young at the time but my dad had a burb with the Geneva package from what I remember it had a tv and VCR also a converter to plug in video games. That might have been added by my father, I was a child
  5. MCrewsZ71

    MCrewsZ71 Rockstar

    It definitely has alot of wood trim added in. As far as the entertainment system all I can see is a Kenwood cd changer. It does have the removable third row and HAD a very ornate paint job(someone painted one side of it flat red). I appreciate all the input! I did notice under the Geneva logo it says CTI Inc. Lake Geneva, WA but I cant find any info on the company. Just being curous...
  6. tbplus10

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