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Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by CornhuskerChevy, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. CornhuskerChevy

    CornhuskerChevy Rockstar

    Saw a few trucks with these on them at state fair. Really like the looks of them and they come in 285/65R18 which is around the size I am looking to run on my truck. They say they are a heavy duty hauling tire for 3/4 and one ton trucks. My truck is a 1/2 ton, so I was thinkin maybe they would last a little longer also. Has anyone used these tires? Good off-road traction? Nice/Quiet ride? Good wear? Heard mixed opinions about goodyears in general is why im asking.

  2. vncj96

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    You will pay a pretty penny for them, anywhere from 200-255 a tire, but they are good tires and are rated well for snow too
  3. CornhuskerChevy

    CornhuskerChevy Rockstar

    I usually think paying between 200-250 for a tire is a reasonable price. You get what you pay for in my opinion. Thats what I have always paid for tires. They do have kind of a cool side wall design too.
  4. Mean_Green_95

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    IMO, anything with the Wrangler name in it is junk. I have guys coming in all the time with some really messed up wranglers. But, maybe its because they didn't rotate them and inflate them properly. But I'd go with Michelins or BFG's if I were u.
  5. CornhuskerChevy

    CornhuskerChevy Rockstar

    Right now it's narrowed down to Cooper Discoverer STT's, Nitto Terra Grapplers (If the local guy carries them, not sure), or the Wrangler SilentArmor. I just liked the Wranglers and they seemed like a solid tire.
  6. chevyman2004

    chevyman2004 Rockstar 100 Posts

    I too am looking at the Silent Armour pro grades. I went down to my local shop and asked about them, and the guy said he had put alot of them on and had nothing but good reports on them. So I asked price and he said $915 all in (285/75/16s). He also said the Duratracs were selling really well and had no complaints on them either and i think they are a little cheaper also, didn't check price with him though, but online they are. So i think i'll go with either of them. It'll be my first set of goodyears. Good luck with any choice you make.
  7. unplugged

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    I ran a set of SA's on my work truck and was happy with the noise level. Very quiet. It has two steel belts, a polyester body and a kevlar belt to add impact resistance and to help with the noise. The tread is not as aggressive as the Wrangler MT's, and off road traction suffers. I will say that unless you get to some pretty tough places the SA's will get you there. I found no real benefit of the Kevlar as far as puncture resistance. I got just as many flats with the SA's as the MT's.

    The SA's in the size you mention are rated a SL (standard load) If you carry a lot of weight you may want to look for a XL rated tire or move up to a light truck tire in a D or E rating.

    If you want a road worthy highway tire that will do ok off road the SA's are a good choice.
    If you carry heavier loads I'd look for a light truck tire in a D or E range.
    If you want superior off road I'd check out the MT/R kevlar.

    I just recently had a set of the MT/R with kevlar mounted on the work truck. $1400 for 5 tires to replace the SA's.

    I went for the E load range with a max inflation pressure of 80psi. I go 60psi on the fronts and 80 on the rears. They have been very good for me so far. The aggressive tread really grabs sand, gravel and the rocky stuff. I air down to 15 - 20psi depending on the conditions. The down side is that they are very noisy on the highway. After putting up with lesser tires off road, I've just decided to put up with the noise on the highway.

    Silent Armor tread........................................vs......................................MT/R Kevlar tread
  8. X-Hibition

    X-Hibition Rockstar 100 Posts

    Getting ready to put the SA Kevlar E rated tire on the Hummer 17s for my Sub. Best price locally was Sam's Club and the shop guy told me rotation was critical. He runs them himself and has seen no issues. I looked at his rig and can't wait to use them in the snow.
  9. Mean_Green_95

    Mean_Green_95 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    This is exactly what I mean. I work at Sam's Club too, and all the Wranglers I change are seriously f'd up. But like I previously said, it's probably due to the owner not rotating and inflating the tire properly. Just don't forget that BF Goodrich has the TKO's, which are the all terrains, and the Mud Terrains. They are both excellent tires, provided you rotate and inflate them properly. But on a TKO, you would be best rotating with every oil change, since they like to wear oddly.
  10. TRPLXL2

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    Just a little suggestion if you can wait until next year for a 4 wheel parts event, I priced these tires at one of there events and they quoted me $170 per tire for a 285/70/r16. The only reason I didn't buy them was because I was layed off at the time, but they are an awesome tire! Another thing I liked about them is if you have aftermarket wheels and are notorious for scrubbing curbs, those tires have a lip that sticks out from the rim to take the impact of the curb instead of your wheels. These will be my next tires that I get on my Silverado, because I have already had the BFG's and they were nice but I want to try something new.

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