Wrecked the Trailblazer - the saga

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by ChevyFan, Nov 13, 2007.

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    Sounds like an ordeal too. Hope it all gets straightened out. I think I'm done with Farmers myself, they have done a lot a pretty bad stuff in my view they are worse than most.
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    Glad you are okay.

    Let's see, isn't Farmers one of the companies that pulled out of Texas home owners insurance because of mold claims a few years ago? We want your premiums, but not your claims.

    I think State Farm, Allstate and Farmers want to be cheap on their claims so they can pay for all of that advertising!

    It appears you are on the right track with all of your actions so good luck. But as someone stated earlier don't sign a medical release. My dad had a car wreck back in about 1998 where he was rear ended. Clearly the fault of the other guy as my dad was sitting still in a turn lane. It took 18 months and a law suit to get a mediocre claim AND he had to sign the release. The back and nerve damage ultimately got him, 7 years after the wreck.

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    Get a Lawyer

    I've been hit twice by Farmers insurance drivers. They tried to pull the same thing on me.I got a Lawyer the first time it happened because of the way they were trying to screw me. They refused to get a rental car for me, so I rented a rental car on me and called a Lawyer. (Remember the Texas Hammer ads on TV). I not only got a rental car, I rented a lincoln continental (only equivalent car that Enterprise had). I had the rental car for a little over three months, put about 30K miles on it. ( I worked out of my car all over north and central Texas) It took so long to repair mine, because the dealer couldn't get the parts.It was a first year Impala. It took three months to get it repaired. A little over $9K to repair. Then about 6-8 months later, My wife was hit by another Farmer's driver and totaled a 96 Caprice with only about 40,000 miles on it. It totaled the Caprice and the Farmer's adjuster started the same old dance. I didn't even break a sweat this time. Straight to the lawyer. Got a rental car for a few days, and a check for a very fair price for the Caprice. Bought her an Impala also. I have found that Farmers only responds to Lawyer threats. Don't get upset, get a Lawyer who specializes in this type of thing . Hope everything works out OK.
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    Thanks for the advice. Send me a PM with your Lawyer infor if you have it. I see you're in DFW.
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    Sorry to about your troubles but at least you walked way and now you could get a Tahoe being that you'll have a new addition to the family
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    Thanks to everyone who's sent messages about the accident. It's been now like 6 weeks and my Trailblazer still won't be fixed for like another week or two and at that I plan on being extremely cautious when picking it up from the shop too.
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    Steve, I've read your posts and watched your video and noticed that you never mentioned what Farmers told you was the reason they deducted the 40%. You are also never quite clear on where your vehicle was or at the time of the accident. I'm guessing I know why...

    What happen was that you wanted to make that right exit and the traffic was backed pretty far and not moving. The other person in the accident was driving the opposite direction and waiting to make a left turn into the plaza parking lot. What you did was to enter the plaza turn lane... which is _not_ a lane of traffic, in order to get around the traffic that was backed up. At the same time, the other person made a left turn in order to enter the plaza parking lot (you state in your video that you were not sure where the impact occurred, but I'm guessing you probably do (or the other person does), and that it happen right at the entrance to the plaza.

    If this is the case, I can certainly see some someone could place some negligence on your end. Where you were was _not_ a driving lane and were using that lane in order to get around the backed up traffic. You also state in the video that it was be extremely difficult to get into the left exist lane unless you used that turn lane. This makes no sense to me when I watched the video as cars would simply need to be in the right (of 2) lanes and just exit when needed. We watched how many vehicles drive by while you were taping? I did not see one of those vehicles enter the plaza turn lane in order to exit down the road. You mention that most vehicles on this road use that exit. So why did they not need to enter that "3rd lane" to exit? I can answer that... because traffic was not backed up and they did not try to by-pass it.

    I have been an adjuster for about 17 years now. Would I have placed some liability against you in this accident? Probably... but I don't know what that would be without having all the facts (which I don't). Would it have been 40%? I can almost assuredly say, (heck) no. I'd guess at 10%-20%. (perhaps even a little less then 10%). The other driver _still_ had a duty to make sure that the area was clear before making that left turn. She clearly did not do this and at least a majority of the negligence is on her. Do I think the Farmers percentage is incorrect? Heck yes! but I also see that adjusters point and I think it's probably valid.

    I'll add this... Farmers Insurance _will not_ hire a liability adjuster without a BA. it does not matter is that person has 20 years experience handling claims. Also, their salaries are not very good. So they tend to hire adjusters with no experience in the insurance industry. This is a huge bulk of their adjuster workforce. The lack of experience shows in the way they handle claims.

    Please don't take my post the wrong way... I feel for anyone who has their vehicle damaged in an accident. It's also a shame when it's someone who obviously has a passion for their vehicle. This is one reason why it's a good idea to carry collision insurance on your own vehicle. It's used to protect your own interest in the vehicle you are driving.
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    sorry to hear that, atleast your ok
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    Thanks for the post and I would like to respond. I don't know your name or your background, but you seem to know a lot about the accident. That's quite interesting.

    The reason for is this: The Farmers agent holds to the view that I entered the turn lane into the "plaza" as you call it. I never entered this turn lane, I never said that I entered this lane, and all of the witnesses strongly say that I did not enter this lane. Nice try though.

    This statement of yours makes no sense, are you suggesting that I am hiding a weak point? I believe that I very clearly explain where my vehicle was and how I was driving when the collision occured. For crying out loud, how could I be more clear? I took a video of the accident scene, pointing my finger to the spot that I think the accident occured (with what looks like fluid stains on the asphalt where I point)! I also make several graphics showing how I was driving and where the collision took place.

    How can you say that I am "never quite clear on where" I was? I think I have done 200x more work to show where my vehicle was at the time of the collision. Yes, it is more difficult to determine exactly where I was becuase I wasn't in that lane when I was shooting the video. I got within a five to ten foot spot of the collision though.

    I have a hard time not thinking that you work for Farmers. ;-) How can you make the statement "What happened was..." unless you have some other knowledge of the investigation? Come on, be open and up front about this if you are. Is this a friend of Michele the adjuster? Have you read the notes on this case? ;-)

    Let me be very clear. I DID NOT enter the "plaza" turn lane. Not one centimeter. I never said that I did, and no one except the adjuster said that I did. The police report didn't say that I turned into that lane.

    The road is a bit deceptive. The two northbound lanes turn to the left, thus making a new third driving lane that hooks into the I-20 service road. If you were coming northbound in the far-right lane, when the road is still two lanes, you will have to turn your steering wheel to the left to stay in the lane. If you drive straight forward (which is what I did), you will in essence "go around" those vehicles in order to continue driving in the new lane. I simply drove straight forward while the other vehicles were stopped. If you look at the Google maps street-view photos that I have posted on here as well, you will see how exactly this works as the same exact thing happened when Google was mapping that part of the city on it's street view.

    What does that have to do with anything? Why would you bring that up unless you were defending someone? How does having a college degree mean that a claims adjuster isn't making a bogus call to get a big bonus for keeping liability down to a minimum?

    You actually help make my point for it. The claims adjusters are compensated between ~$30k and ~$40k, depending on experience, in Texas. At that rate of compensation, getting a big bonus for keeping liability claims down to a minimum would be very attractive.

    The video shows that it is VERY clearly a driving lane. The Google Maps street view images show a very clear driving lane. Do you see the dozens and dozens of cars drive in that lane in the video? :) If you notice, at points you will see three cars, side by side, as they drive northbound. There is more then enough room for all three cars to drive ... that's because there are three lanes.

    Thanks again for your post, o' sympathizer of Farmers with special knowledge of the collision.
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    In case you missed in, I don't see how anyone could hold to the view that I "enter(ed) the plaza turn lane ..." The point where the arrows come together is about the point of impact. CLEARLY outside the plaza turn lane.


    Also, the Google Street View shows how there are three driving lanes here.

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