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  1. 77gmc

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    well my camaro is offically out of commission i hate people who dont know how to drive and fly down back roads going to need new front fenders new hood new front bumper and i think i either have a bent cv shaft or a bent steering linkage ill have pics up soon
  2. Eddie Z71

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    I hate to hear that! I agree, people should watch where they are going, or stay home! I hope you a whoever was with you were not hurt, and everyone are ok. I can almost see the pictures before you post them.
  3. TRPLXL2

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    Yeah I hear you on that one, we live on a country side street and we had a serious problem last year with city kids bringing there cars out to the country to drag race. Nobody called the cops or anything, but we probably should have because a kid got killed in his new Corvette when he slammed into a telephone pole and was killed on impact. We usually have about 2-3 per year within a mile of our house that killed each year, people think you can do anything in the country without consequence but they need to wake up! I feel sorry for your car, can't wait to see the pics!
  4. s5belford

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    Sorry to hear about your car 77gmc, I never like hearing about people babies getting hurt!

    And Amy....

    That is CRAZY 2-3 per year is a LOT!!! something should be done about that... I don't know what, but something, lol
  5. GMPartsClub

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  6. 77gmc

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    Well I got some very sad news insurance totaled my car... I will miss it but I came out ahead on what I paid for it by a grand but they put me at fault for the accident cause I had the stop sign it's complete bull! I was barely moving
  7. adidasboy918

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    Dang I'm sorry to hear that.:no:
  8. retired2001

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    Welcome to the site!
  9. BLK-Z71

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    Welcome to the club!!

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