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Discussion in 'General Classifieds' started by 95burban, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. 95burban

    95burban New Member

    I need stock exhaust manifold's asap the driver side as a crack in it:gasp:
    Its for 5.7 95 suburban anyone have a set for sale???
  2. KirkW

    KirkW Rockstar

    I replaced my exhaust manifolds on my '95 Suburban with the Dorman products:

    Dorman 674-157 (Drivers) and 674-156 (Passenger)


    About $120 per side, including the studs, springs, nuts and O-rings for the exhaust pipe connection. Available at most any auto-parts store. It's a bit 'generic' in that they have openings for air-pumps and O2 sensors that our vehicles don't have, but the manifolds come with brass plugs to seal up the extra openings.

    Fix it soon - when my driver's side manifold cracked, it aspirate outside air between exhaust pulses, causing the O2 sensor to see too much oxygen. The computer thought the engine was running too lean and would dump more fuel in. The truck runs OK, but the mileage is downright horrible (10-11MPG instead of my normal 14-15).

    Unfortunately, after several weeks of this my O2 sensor got fouled and needed replacement as well.
  3. skinut88

    skinut88 New Member


    i have a set ill send you shipped $75 for the pair including shipping let me know if your intrested
  4. skinut88

    skinut88 New Member

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