WTB......Jump Seat?

Discussion in 'General Classifieds' started by Bluestreak06, May 7, 2010.

  1. Bluestreak06

    Bluestreak06 New Member

    I know its probably a strange request, but looking to get the center jump seat with the locking lid and lower storage compartment for my 09 GMC Sierra.....I have a WT so the center console has no lid, and where i spend 90% of my time in the truck on the road, id like to have the security of locking that, as well as having the lower locking section. only problem is, im not sure if they made one in the same color interior that i have (black with silver insets, pretty standard for the work trucks).

    figured id throw it out there because id really like to have it, i just couldnt afford to get anything over the W/T when i bought it, and they didnt have one with the locking lid.
  2. USN-MA2

    USN-MA2 New Member

    Shoot me some pics of it. I have one that I am wanting to change out for a different style. It is gray, but I have coverking seat covers and they are black on it.

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