WTS: 07-09 Silverado 1500 NNBS OEM Headlights

Discussion in 'Chevy Parts eBay' started by mjs84, Dec 30, 2010.

  1. mjs84

    mjs84 Rockstar

    As the title states... looking to sell my factory OEM Silverado 1500 headlights. Coming off my 2009, but will fit any NNBS from 2007-2009 (and maybe 2010?). I am selling because I bought the Anzo Halo Black headlights. Lights were simply disconnected at the wire harness... you will be able to plug these right in and be good to go.

    Not sure what to ask for... they're in perfect condition - or as perfect as a truck with 20,000 miles can be - no dings or dents, cracks or smudges. I'll say $175 for the pair OBO.

    Send me a PM or email mselihar@comcast.net.

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  2. kcbates85

    kcbates85 New Member

    How much did you end up spending for those Anzos? Also are you putting in HID kit with these? Just trying to get info because I am looking into headlights the next few weeks... Happy New Year
  3. mjs84

    mjs84 Rockstar

    I paid $340 shipped for the Anzos. Didn't do the HID kit... but am looking into it. Let me know what you find.
  4. asu4cjustice

    asu4cjustice Rockstar

    dont they have kits with HID already?

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