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    any way to get the years,make,etc. separated? I fell it would be a little more easy to find something faster, more important! But instead i have to look through diff. years of trucks.

    Has there been talk about this?

    any suggestions?
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    There are seperate sections of the forums. Scroll to the 3rd divided section (below write ups). And you will se several sections: trucks cars vans ect. Click on whatever applies to you then it will go into divisions of years and models
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    Search suggestion

    There have been times I am looking for specific info for a particular year, sometimes even a range of years like 1996 - 1999. I can see where that might be helpful. If you are trying to trouble shoot a mechanical problem like flooding, no start, stalls, etc it is probably better to try different search phrases or keywords to isolate a group of listings. Many times I have found a post from a vehicle that didn't match the year or model, but the solution either fixed it or pointed me in the right direction.

    We really appreciate the suggestion and thanks for using the search function of the site. As you have probably seen, there are plenty of folks who ask first instead of searching.:glasses:

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