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    Good morning, all.

    I am going to redo my A/C again after a few stupid moves on the last round. (I had two unused compressors to play with, so its not costing me too much.) Now the original compressor and the first one I used have what looks like another pressure switch directly on it. While the compressor I am about to install does has the orifice for it, it doesn't actually have a switch.

    My main question is, what is this particular switch, and is it necessary? I assume it is since the original had one. Second, how do remove from one compressor? Does it screw in, pull out, what? Since it has a plastic connector for the wiring pigtail I do not want to try too many things for fear of breaking it.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Okay, found it in another thread. Its the High Pressure Switch, and it pulls out. I have already done so. Thanks!

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