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Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by bulump, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. bulump

    bulump New Member

    2003 Suburban 1500....4L60 transmission (I think)

    I get an audible noise from the transmission when it drops down into 3rd (I think) when climbing a hill, usually in cruise. Once the vehicle drops down, usually an 8 count goes by and a guttural "NNNNNNN" sounds, and repeats (every 8 seconds). I think its 3rd gear, 'cause when testing out all alternatives, I could get the "NNNNNNN" to occur without cruise on while going up a hill....

    Does anyone know what this sound is? I'm going to get it looked at, just want to know to so I know how far to bend over.

  2. mxr576

    mxr576 New Member

    Does it almost sound like a grinding/jake brake noise? My 02 express cutaway started to make a messed up noise last night. Anytime i let off the gas it would make a glunk like it was down shifting then it would make that noise. once i got back on it for a second or 2 it would go away. Its probably about 5 seconds after i let off the throttle the noise started. Highway, backroads, anywhere.
  3. bulump

    bulump New Member

    Hey! Thanks for replying.... not it's not a grinding noise at all, more of a loud vibration. I have it into the stealership right now and they said the noise might've been coming from a broken yoke housing on the TC. At the right frequency 9particularly around 3rd gear) that's when it would make the noise.

    We'll see...they haven't called me back yet.
  4. carpem1

    carpem1 New Member

    grinding/jake brake noise?

    MXR576 - Have you been able to find out what your problem is? I am having the exact same problem. If you hit the gas then it goes away until you let go, then it makes a glunk followed by a jake brake noise about 3 seconds later. When you hit the gas again the noise stops. Happens everywhere. :grrrrrr:

    I took it into a shop on Saturday and they think it might be the chain which powers the transmission. However he had never heard of a car doing that and wasn't that sure.

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