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Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by bryane, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. bryane

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    I'm new to forums and thought I would present a question that will create discussion probably as fierce as division between what kind of truck you drive.
    I drive Chevy for many reasons, but oil????? I had a 97 Chevy with 230K before selling and stepping up to my new truck. I used Mainly synthetic from many brands mainly Mobile one or Royal Purple. Depending on the deals I got.
    So, what do you use?.......
  2. Pikey

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    I use Mobile 1 and only AC delco filters. I t\used to use royal purple because I got a really good price on it. Then I talked to an AMS oil rep and he said that in his opinion Mobile 1 was superior to royal purple for daily driver applications. He said rp is more for performance vehicles, it offers great protection but looses it's protection capabilities quickly compared to Mobile 1. I did not base my decision to go with mobile 1 solely on his opinion, I was no longer able to get rp cheap, so I switched. I am sure that this thread (like many other oil threads) will become some huge debate about oil. But, to that I say to each his own. Everyone should use what they feel comfortable with in their vehicle.
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  3. bryane

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    I sorry for starting this thread and being so redundant. I noticed this thread tagged many other posts so many of you are probably going crazy with such a similar post from previous.
  4. paracutin

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  5. Chevycoastie

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    I run Mobil 1 synthetic with a Mobil 1 Premium Filter. When choosing oil just make sure it meets or exceeds the MFG requirements. Most newer chevys require Dexros in the oil.
  6. Pikey

    Pikey Moderator Staff Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 5000 Posts

    in my opinion dexos is just a licensing money maker for GM. Companies have to pay gm to put the dexos symbol on their bottles. Take mobile 1 for example. They were not dexos approved for a while. then suddenly it was. It is not like mobile 1 reformulated their oil, they just paid for the use of the logo. same with Fuch brand oil, it was not on the list, but GM has been using it for a few years at the Tech center to test motors. Now all of a sudden it makes the list. I have seen a few oil companies that are not on the gm approved list say that they meet dexos standards on the back of the bottle, just don't have the symbol on the front. I will try to remember which oil bottles I saw that on.
  7. j cat

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    since the old GM engines had cast iron heads and other components made from steel using a high quality oil and frequent changes with good oil filters was all that was needed to go a few hundred thousand miles with not much engine wear.. since GM changed to these aluminum engines you need synthetic oil IMO.... I have used mobil 1 in my 2000 5.3L engine since 2001. I use about 1/2 qt at the oil change of 8,000miles -150,000miles on vehicle.
  8. Cowpie

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    Get the most oil for the least money. For instance, QS Ultimate Durability full synthetic (dexos approved) is on sale at Menard's (if you have one near you) for $2.99 a quart after mail in rebate, limit 18 quarts.

    M1 is a good choice, Amsoil is a good choice, as is a lot of brands. I use a dexos compliant 5w30 full syn from Schaeffer, my commercial oil supplier.

    Just get the oil that you are comfortable with at the best price you can. Synthetics have a lower "boil off" or NOACK rate than conventionals. That is critical for these DOD/AFM engines. And synthetics generally have stronger additive packages than the conventionals. And since about 40% of any quart of oil is additive package, that can make a major difference. The synthetic blends are not a bad choice also. Don't even consider conventional only oil. I am not sure there is a regular conventional oil that meets the dexos spec. Minimum is a syn blend.

    For the dexos thing, it is true that GM makes a cut from every "approved" oil brand. I don't really give it a lot of thought anymore, only because, even NASCAR gets a cut from oils that use that "official oil" marketing line. It isn't like GM is individually testing any of the approved oils on the list. The oil brand submits the specs, that they meet the dexos criteria, and after a initiation fee and contract terms, that oil gets put on the list. It is pure marketing. Bill Gates did a similar thing with the old MS-DOS and personal computers. It has been going on since products started being mass marketed.
  9. TRPLXL2

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    Mobil 1 and fram ultra or tough guard filter
  10. j cat

    j cat Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    I disagree that the DEXOS spec is pure marketing/fee for GM. when Mobil 1 first produced the DEXOS spec that I used in my 2000 5.3L engine the engine runs better than new. this new spec has more than marketing ! I like this oil since it appears to be very stable and is keeping the engine quiet for the 2 yrs now that I have used the GM DEXOS approved oil....

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