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  1. Hairscrambler

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    Hey guys, my son is thinking about buying a GMC Yukon with an "Altitude" trim package on it. I think he's suckered into the look of the truck with the wheels and tires it has on it. I've never heard of this package and can find no information on it. The truck just seems like a stripped down Yukon with leather interior. It has no extras like heated seats, steering wheel controls, sun roof, power adjustable pedals etc. It even had a smaller 4.8 engine. Does anyone know what the other differences this truck has over the regular Yukons ? Like I said it seems like a stripped down version and I think it would be a difficult vehicle to resell when he sells it. I would love some insight to this truck for you guys. Thanks in advance for your help. 01.jpg
  2. Pikey

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    I think that it was made by a custom conversion called rocky ridge located in Franklin springs, GA. I am surprised that it is stripped down. Usually they do it to loaded trucks. looking at their website it seems like they only do exterior "improvements" such as painted door handles, painted emblems, rims and tires, fender flairs, and lift kits. If it is priced way above that of a comparable truck in your area I would not buy it, you could save money with the cheaper truck and put new tires and rims on it.
  3. Enkeiavalanche

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    Or it's just a truck that was sitting on the Lot for a Long time So they add wheels and tires and put on a sticker Which dealers have Tons of for .30 cents ANd Mark the truck up A ton and wait for a sucker..
  4. nikkeshelton

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    Don't knock the 4.8 motor though. It is a workhorse, a lot better than a v-6 and more reliable than the 4,6,8 cylinder model, sometimes I wish I had a bigger motor but with that comes an alumn. block, which I'd rather not have when I put a supercharger on!
  5. Hairscrambler

    Hairscrambler New Member

    Thanks guys, thats what I was thinking. Someone just did a few small mods and named it an altitude because I could find no option package named that oin diggin around. If anyone else has any info I'd appreciate it. Thanks again fellas.

  6. Pikey

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