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    Hi all new to this foram, my 2003 yukon blower motor stopped working the switch indexes up and down but no airblowing at all. The strange thing is that I pulled the 40 amp fuse under the hood while the ign. was on when I replaced fuse the blower came on but would not go off when i turned off ign. switch I restarted and then turned off the blower went and has not worked again. I have tried to pull fuse and replace while ign. switch was on but the blower would not come on. what could it be? Any help is appricated
  2. Sounds like you have auto a/c. If you know your blower motor worked after you interupted the circut. The most likley cause is the blower resistor that is screwed in right next to the blower motor asm. Take the cover off and look at your blower motor. (rt. floorboard, under dash) . the control module (resistor) is pluged into the motor and is cooled by the a/c case. 2 screws and a dealeship part should fix your problem. Please! If you have a test light , First!, Disconnect the 2 wire connector at the motor and connect your light to each contact in the plug.Probably gonna have to get a paper clip for one side,& connect the ground clip to it. put the probe end into the other( Probe from rear of plug so you dont dammage the terminals). by connecting both with your test light,, you are testing for power and ground at the same time....Its a shortcut. If the light comes on when you request fan operation, Its the blower! If It doesnt, and there is power going to the other plug in the resistor,Its the resistor. Note: this is diagnosis is while the fan motor is in the failed state. Another thing I just remembered, Ive seen a couple of these repeate fail...over time..It was caused by high circut draw of the working blower motor. Replacing both is what I advised. The auto a/c blower resistor aint cheap! Good luck
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    30 year thanks for your reply post. you have given me a good starting point. will try your suggestions this week end and will let you know.

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