Z71 Shocks Upgrade

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  1. pmf608

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    Right. That's what I narrowed it down to. The Z71 comes with Gas shocks (black) that look the same as the standard shocks. The standard shocks are oil-filled. The Z71 Appearance Package (chrome tow hooks, Z71 gauge faces, special grille, etc.) gets the upgraded rancho shocks.
  2. Red Z71 Max

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    I have a Z71 without the appearance package, but it does have a towing package and it has the all black shocks.
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    back in the day, the Z71 package included Bilstiens but not sure any more, if Chevy is getting there shocks from Monroe they could be Rancho's. I thought the Rancho's were made by Monroe.

    look to see if there is any numbers on the shocks that you could google.
  4. 747

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    Heres the next question, the Z71 comes with a 36mm swaybar, dont all the new 1500 trucks have this feature?

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    Next to the Z71 Off-Road Suspension Package, there is the Z71 Appearance Package, the Z83 and Z85 Suspension Packages and last the Z82 Trailering Package they come with the Following features,

    Trailering Equipment HD includes Trailer Hitch Platform. 7 wire harness, K47 high Capacity Air Cleaner, (KNP) Cooling External Transmission Cooler,

    ***Z83....Delivers a Solid, Smooth Ride with 35mm-piston, Twin-Tube Shocks and a 32mm Front Stabilizer Bar

    ***Z85....Designed for Enhanced Handling and Trailer Towing, with 35mm-Piston, Mono-Tube Shocks and a 36mm Front Stabilizer Bar

    ***Z71....Delivers Enhanced Off-Road Capability; features 46mm Shocks, Off-Road Jounce Bumpers and a 36mm Front Stabilizer Bar; the Package also includes a Skid Plate, Heavy-Duty Air Cleaner and Z71 Decals on the Rear Fenders

    ***Z71.....Appearance Package, available on Extended Cab Standard Box and Crew Cabâ„¢ Short Box models, includes body-color front bumper lower and center sections with body-color end caps, a body-color grille with chrome insert, unique Z71 decals, bright door sill plates, chrome recovery hooks, body-color outside mirrors and door handles and fog lamps. 18" aluminum wheels and 18" tires and front and rear Rancho shocks raise the Z71 performance level even higher.

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  6. 747

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    Thanks for the answers! My family has wondered about this :great:
  7. audible

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    99 Heart Beat
    Thanks for the information. It really helps when you provide the codes. That way we can compare to our individual trucks and not guess. :great:
  8. pmf608

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    I agree that that is good information. However, I do think that gm should mention I there that the rancho shocks only come on the z71 appearance package (separate from the z71 suspension package even though the shocks are a suspension part). If they pu all of this info in one area of information, I think it would avoid confusion for people
  9. GrizzlyTN

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    Got another question about this. My truck does have the Z71 upgraded appearance package and has the Rancho shocks. I got under to see what model of shocks they are but I didn't see a name or number.

    Anybody got an idea what Rancho model shock they are using from the factory on the 2012 Crew LT Z71 Rancho? I'm wanting to lift my truck and might get the Rancho MyRide kit.
  10. Enkeiavalanche

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    The newer GM Z71's come with a Cheap Rancho shocks, Not the Bil's that they had before. one more case of GM going CHEAP again.... :( I just got my new Bilstein's and will be putting them on soon. As the Bilstein reps will tell you. After 100K miles if there shock is not leaking it's still good And when I had my 02 Avalanche I changed my Bil's for new ones and they were both the same in damping.. So the old ones were still good..

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