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Discussion in 'Towing & Trailer Tech' started by joshuaT, Apr 1, 2013.

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    2002 Z71 Suburban 1500

    So I know the 4x4 works great but not too sure about the brake booster or trailer hitch lights. When I push the button on the shifting lever I don't see any lights in the dash to see if it's shifted into a lower gear. How can I test the lights and if my vehicle will engage for the towing?
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    The button on the shifting lever is the tow haul button. It doesn't make the truck shift into a lower gear; it merely raises the RPMs at which the transmission shifts for a given accelerator point/position. If you want to shift to a lower gear you'll need to do so, manually. If you do not see an amber light come on in the gauge cluster when you press the tow haul button then the button's wires may be severed, as it's a common problem in our trucks due to the wire position AND due to the small gauge of the wires. (The wires move every time you move the shifter, which is akin to bending a paper clip back/forth every time you shift the lever ... for years and years worth of shifting.)

    Here's a video on replacing the shifter in order to fix the tow haul button. At about 3:05 in the video they'll show you the severed (orange) wire -- which is actually an orange sleeve containing two tiny wires. You can either buy a new shifter w/ tow haul button and replace the entire thing ... or you can simply repair the broken wires, yourself, and save yourself the cost of the lever w/ button.
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    I guess there's another thing I'll check when I look behind my aftermarket stereo when I pull the dash. It only makes sense to hook everything up so I have a fully functional vehicle. Thanks for the video!

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