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  • 95CTburb19 ·
    well I'm at college, my dad replaced his 94 suburban with a three tone white tan and grey (where the paint is peeling) 94 suburban with 166K on it. It's immaculate on the interior too. How are things with you?
    97 TN Tahoe ·
    Steve, looks like you know this site very well. I am looking for TSBs and wiring diagrams. The site implied it this information was availabe after registration... Please advise.
    ppettit2005 ·
    dude I gotta say I love this website!!! Writing on the forums and helping people with their car problems is a lot of fun. I live in the same area as you so if you ever need help with anything, just try to track me down or give me a message.
    unplugged ·
    Steve, great addition. Sorry I've been away. Work is killing me. 60 - 70 hrs a week and the ongoing saga of remodeling the dining room. I have been trying to chase down a local 60's pickup that is soooooo sweet. Trying to sway the owner into joining GMTC. A definite ROTM if he does. Well it's 5am and time to go back to the grind.
    GaryL ·
    I have pulled the intake off of my Suburban and I am replacing the gaskets to fix a leak. I am planning on doing a How To write up on it. Where would you like me to post it and do you want to proof read it first?

    Have a good Memorial Day!
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