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  • cascott325 ·
    hey steve, i have been working my dog tail off. i got my journeymans electrical license in june last year, so i have been exploiting that along with taking care of our house, and the newest project is working on kids, i reckon its bout due time for some rugrats lol.
    AMac ·
    If I use my mobile phone to access the site, either through the site itself or the forum runner app I don not have access to the chat.
    JnBama ·
    Hi Steve how is your new job going? Have been looking for a better job myself filling out apps with flatbed companies hauling steel which is a big business in Decatur and Birmingham. Need better pay so I can buy stuff for my truck and rebuild my savings from loosing my job a few years ago
    Trailmom ·
    Thanks. I love the Trailblazer! I will always keep it. I bought a new 2011 for towing & I love it too! The
    4x4 Tahoe is getting about the same milage as the Trailblazer! Couldn't be happier with my GM's!
    84fiero123 ·
    had quad bypass surgury a couple of years ago and have had my time somewhat limited by trying to help a friend out who has cancer here at home. i slill have our Burb and Farmington Fred as Melanie likes to call him. and yees that is the caddy shack goffer i got the wife years ago.

    AMac ·
    Okay thank you. I double checked and all my settings are set to registered members which is how i would want it. I think that should be fine.
    AMac ·
    My profile picture or my private album? either way I have the privacy setting restricted as desired...thank you.
    ejohnson03 ·
    Holding up in Presidio, had to travel an hour and a half to Alpine for the surgery.

    Heading to El Paso tomorrow to stay the night at a hotel by the airport.

    Flight is early Wednesday morning.

    My grandkids were sick during the visit, and then I had my fun.

    But it was actually nice to kick back and relax.

    Was well enough to take a trip out to the Big Bend National Park and see some sights.

    Texas is a bit different from Michigan that is for sure.
    mfleetwood ·
    I travel quite a bit for my job and can't use my work computer to log on. In fact, I was just in Dallas last week hanging out in your crazy weather (rain, sun, clouds, wind)....and I thought Denver was bad. I'm in town all this week, thus am trying to play catch up again.
    TLC John ·
    Thx for your questions......can you do one more assist - we have a new video on the website that shows the system on a Silverado 1500 running around Bob Bondurant's race track in Phoenix.....its really dramatic. If you go to our website, its on the right side titled "At Bondurant Driving School". I'd like to post on one of our existing - or maybe better - a new thread. Not sure how to to embed like you did. Thx much....John
    MWright936 ·
    Just got your message from October. Sorry, don't get on here much any more. Job, wife, etc. Especially job last year cuz I'm a wildland firefighter. Busy busy. Looks like the site is doing great!
    Coach24 ·
    Steve , can you run a logistical report on membership?
    A report showing members by area, region or district? I like that saarge and GMCerica are talkng about truck meets and thought with all my free time I may be able to help getting something to happen. Thanks.
    GMCErica ·
    hey Steve I accidentally uploaded my blog Twice... but two different ones..I dont know how that happened... But, can you please Delete the First one... It is stuck in draft mode and I don't want that particular blog.., I posted a full BLOG on the second one... It wont let me delete my own Blog... Thanks :) -CANCEL REQUEST!! I fixed it :)
    Caddiac ·
    Hey Steve, I was chatting with Erica and she was telling me about the problems uploading pictures. I have more allotted space than I need as a Gold Contributor so you can allocate some of mine to her if that can be done. Hope all is well with you and yours. Charles
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