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  • cvmsh01 ·
    Thank you j cat the mmo worked great. Stopped smoking within a day or so. No smoke at all now. Going to change oil retreat and then change to synthetic. Thanks again.
    j cat · ·
    yes MMO is a great product . not a solvent so it has helped many with your problem ..
    change the oil when hot and take the time to drain it all out.
    good luck saved $$$..
    jjmaguire ·
    Installing 8 generic wired LED Light pods( estimate 2-3 amp load) in my 2006 Chevy work truck bed,installed switch in bed not sure where best to tap power/ground ? planning to use 18/2 stranded wire and have ain line ATP fuse holder . Any suggestions?
    Mattym33 ·
    Hey J Cat quick question I have constant valve tick. Should I put MMO in and let it idle a little before I change oil and then add a little after I change it
    Deuce32 ·
    Is there any chance you could post a picture of the "grease fitting" you installed to stop this awful noise?It would be very very much apprciated if you could Thanks Jcat { steering shaft noise}
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