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  • jrs041 ·
    Kenny, how in the heck are you? Long time no talk to. I encountered something last Monday I think you will find humorous. I parked my 2011 Silverado next to a 2019 Silverado as I went in to grab lunch. It dawned on me that the new Silverado makes both our trucks look like children's toys. The bed on the 2019 Silverado tank is larger than most swimming pool hot tubs.
    Ssmith ·
    Hello. I was told from another member that you did a brake master cylinder and booster upgrade. Any information you are will to give would be great. I have a 92 1500 swb and I hear they are common for brake issues. Thanks.
    Out in the sticks ·
    Welding question from a newbie
    Shorty headers on a 95 350. Y- pipe 2 in to 1 are unavailable. 2 1/2 collectors. What do you believe the cost should be to have a y-pipe made?
    nik89burb ·
    I just started a conversation about a ignition cylinder removal issuein having. I tried to invite you but it wouldn't let me? Any idea why? I could use your help on thisone
    Naovontae ·
    Hello Kenny. If you read my post, do you have any suggestions? I would much appreciate any and all help you or anyone else can give me. I really don't want to sell the truck for scrap. Thank you.
    JackE ·
    Hey Kenny, are you the one who posted the pic of the truck at the gas pump that was squatting in the rear and jacked up in the front? I’m looking for the pic to show my son. He needs a good laugh!
    jrs041 ·
    Hey Kenny, How you doing buddy? Haven't spoken to you in a while, hope everything is going good. I know life hasn't been kind to you as it should. Hey, I got another question about welding equipment, if you don't mind? Here we go. Kenny, what is the difference between a AC stick welder and a AC/DC stick welder? When would you use one instead of the other? Thanks.
    Alan Ormston ·
    Thanks Kenny I pulled the wire harness out of the other truck both are 1500. But now there is something going on that is making the transmission slip and shift erratically. Any suggestions for this?
    Lori Foley ·
    cataylic converters, heads all brand new still in boxes and the list goes on and on. I was wondering if you could recommend someone that you may know in this area who might be interested in some of these hi performance items. Thanks
    Lori Foley ·
    Hi Kenny, I'm from the Sf Bay area CA and my father who owned a chevrolet dealership back in the 90's recently died. I have alot of GM parts for Chev, GMC, Jimmy, Sonoma. between 1970-2001. Parts such as crower eft tunnel Ram, ARB airlocker rd 139 differentials, HAYDEN ULTRA COOL #405 TRANSCOOLER, B&M SUPER COOLER TRANS & ENGINE #70268, BOOST COOLER WATER/METHANOL INJECTION P/N 48005 MPG MAX 6.61 DURAMAX,
    JTward1 ·
    Hi Kenny, It's been three weeks since I sent the brake pedal trim to be seen if chrome plating or it would be better with just polished. Well it hasn't made it back despite my asking to pay for the return shipping. In short, Is there any possible chance to cut and weld another one for me. But this one I need to pay you.

    Thank you !

    Jim Ward
    randyradio ·
    Continued. It has been on lot 2.5 mo. And I was surprised no disc. in the asking price. I know trucks are hot now. I don't know much about them like cars which I do know well. I guess if I put this one on this club postings it would maybe sell.
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