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  • randyradio ·
    Kenny, I live in south East GA on the coast. I found a Colorado Crew Cab in Daytona that I was writing about. It has 66k mi is silver and black leather interior. A southern car. Pretty clean. It has the 5.3 V8 and I searched alot very few for sale. It is listed as $17,950 and they tack on some kinda detailing price to make it $18,550 out the door and I pay taxes in GA./
    JTward1 ·
    Hi Kenny, I mailed the small box to you this morning. It's marked and I included the brake pedal pad the trim is going to encase. I figured with it you'd see what I am trying to do. I put enough for reverse postage and if you need, I have an extra trim piece. Thank you big time.
    JTward1 ·
    OK Great Kenny,
    last thing I would do is let your private info out on the website were to everyone to see. So the box I will send it out today. Your doing a hell of a thing for me and I'll remember it.
    JTward1 ·
    It wouldn't cost more than $ 7-8 and I will put that inside the box. I just need 1" removed from the center of the trim ring. Once I had the 1" removed and I filed the the weld don't I was going to get it chromed plated. Is that ok ?
    tbplus10 ·
    Kenny I see you also have a Toyota 4Runner, try sometime, its not as lively as Gmtc but is growing in popularity.
    The owner/founder of the site is the original owner/founder of Gmtc, we attempt to keep the same attitude of helpful and friendly over there that's worked so well at Gmtc.
    jrs041 ·
    Hey Kenny, Joe here. Got a weird question for you. Since you are in welding(work or just as a hobby) field, is there a "safe" way to weld galvanized(pipe) to steel? I know the gases can make you sick, but I'm building a lawn aerator and I will need to weld some pipes to a steel cross member. I've got the equipment, MIG,TIG,stick welders. Just was interested in your opinion. Thank you sir.
    3093Andrew · ·
    You can buy Muriatic Acid and soak whatever part you want to weld in it for about a minute and it will strip the galvanization off just do not breath the fumes when soaking it I did it outside and just walked away for a few
    JamestheWhite ·
    Hey kevin. I have a 97 5.7 that has a very slight shutter at idle, and i was wondering if you have ever noticed the same thing with your 5.7?
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