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  • 2003RMC ·
    Ray...I just found this site while trying to find an answer:

    I have an 03 GMC Sierra Crewcab & the dome lights work when manually pushed however won't work when the door is open (except for the driver's side lower door light). When I hit the dome override button it does shut that door light off which tells me that the dome light override is working. Ever come across this?

    RayVoy · ·
    Ryan, usually there would be 2 lights in the dome lights (sometimes one light and 2 ways to use it). When you push the button, you turn on the map reading light.
    Opening the door will turn on the dome lights.
    Check your fuses
    Junior demis ·
    Hello ray I am new to this site and am having wha I I believe to be a security issue with my truck. It is a 2000 Silverado 1500 4x4 do you know about pass lock systems?
    RayVoy · ·
    Jr, first welcome.
    I haven't had much experience with Passlock.
    However, a number of members have had problems and have fixed them.
    I suggest you start a thread in the electrical forum and maybe we can get these guys to help us.
    David Stev ns ·
    I understand the parts will give me the DIC after your explanation but what to I need to do to control m audio and phone from my steering wheel. I know I’ll need a wheel with the buttons a Clock Spring but from there I am unsure. I have been told I need a Denali cluster fixed to match my truck not sure on that one. Is there a plug and play harness thank you again
    RayVoy · ·
    Dave, I honestly don't know. Years ago I was on a Trailblazer site and I remember someone upgrading their wheel to audio control, new wheel and clockspring solved the problem.
    Scott1987 ·
    Ray, I'm new to this site so I'm not sure how it works. I have a 2013 Silverado. Long story short I've replace all 4 of my O2 sensors and the check engine light came on again and I'm receiving the following codes. P0059 and P015B. I have an appointment with the dealership on Monday but I wanted to see if anyone had any idea as to what is going on. Thanks.
    Scott1987 · ·
    P0059 - HO2S heater Resistance (bank 2, sensor 1)
    P015B - O2 Sensor Delayed Response -Lean to Rich Bank 1 Sensor 1
    j cat ·
    ray I have a question on a 2013 silverado with the fuel pump control module.. I had my scan tool on it .. truck started up but took much longer for engine to run IMO... fuel pressures 300-320 KPA which I believe is normal after the idle and temp is normal.. so I turned off the engine but left key ON and the fuel pressure dropped to zero . is that normal
    Desotosro ·
    So there could be a short? If there was, wouldn't the use of my turn signals always shut down the engine? It only happens once every 5 or 6 uses of the turn signal. There seems to be no common pattern. It's so random.
    Avalanche1500ns ·
    Hey ray. I have a 2004 Chevy avalanche that I tore up the spider gear in the rear end. I'm new to the threads and not sure how to go about this but I noticed you gave a lot of feedback and pretty active on here so maybe you could help. I've been told that any spider gear from another 10 bolt rear end will work. Is this correct ?
    RayVoy · ·
    Hi, I think the only thing to worry about is the axle spline count (assuming you are changing in spider assembly)
    Rpriz ·
    Hi Ray, Quick question to your helpul reply....
    RE: "battery disconnect I had to resync the actuators"

    Was it a loud clunking or just light clicking noise?

    When you say move vents to different settings.... by the controls or physically
    by getting up behind the dash and turning the slotted rod extruding from the acuator?

    Also after neg. batt connect, did you start the car or just turn key to on?
    RayVoy · ·
    Just using the controls

    If just key on will work
    Tom U ·
    i have a 2004 Chev. Suburban Z71 4 wheel drive The driver side ac would start blowing hot and i discovered if i stopped and turned the switch off and restarted the burb the ac would blow cold again on driver side.I looked here and found a easy fix:
    1- remove the 10A HVAC fuse
    2- turn key to accessory
    3-wait 2-4 miniutes
    4- turn key off
    5- replace fuse
    Now it will not start.
    RayVoy · ·
    Pulling the fuse resets the door actuators so the operate in sync.

    Your no start, not much info, I'm guessing it's a dead battery, try a boost.
    If the boost works, you may need a new battery.
    JWH ·
    hey how ya doin I gotta a 90s K1500 that starts when ever it wants (usually after waiting some time about an hour) after driving for a little while, I've changed the starter alternator new battery and thermostat and it still doesnt want to comply with me.
    RayVoy · ·
    Are you saying it starts on its own, or lots of times won't start when you want it to?

    I would suggest starting a thread. That way the guys with experience can provide feedback
    Corvetteed ·
    Trying to figure how to use forum I rebuilt this 2014 silverado truck was rolled on side I replaced the double cab and the 2 roof air bags I had the air bag module rebuilt replaced seat belt retractors air bag light still on could you recommend what type of ob2 tester to buy.
    RayVoy · ·
    Hi, welcome to the site. I'm not an authority on OBD readers. I just have cheap one that reads P codes, ABS codes and U codes. I would like to have a better one that reads real time data and body codes.
    But, ya know, I really have never had a need for one.
    Sean_Oneil7 ·
    Hi, somebody on the form recommended that i send you a message regarding my 2002 chevy Silverado 1500 Ls battery drain problems, long story short my batter keeps dying. I can not figure out why the car is drawing 10 amps from the battery when it is off so every morning my battery is dead, i have been pulling fuses but have had no luck stopping the drain.
    Madddjohn63 ·
    I may try to figure it out but if I can't, I'll get the kit that plugs into the fuse panel, or I just may leave it. But I do like just running lights sometimes. Thanks for all ur help,John. The kits only about 19 bones.
    Paul Taylor ·
    Sorry will do next time......Yeah I gotta do a complete tune up and the water pump at the same time its going to cost me 375.00
    Paul Taylor ·
    Yeah the both stopped at the same day same time
    RayVoy · ·
    Paul, you need to put that information in the thread, give everyone as much info as possible
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