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  • silverhobey ·
    happy new year....we have 2" of snow left.....suppossed to get rain and
    9 to 10 degrees here in Ontario for the next few days...take care Ray....Brian from Cobourg
    GMCErica ·
    Hey.... Atlantic Canada is having their first ever GMTC summer regional truck meet in Nova Scotia, you should check out the thread, a few members are going.... should be lots of fun!!!! Welcome to the club...
    RayVoy ·
    Hi Dan, They look like the could be the same, but, I'm like you, unless I had the part numbers, or had them side by side, I'm just guessing.

    However, mine is an '09. If yours is for an '07, it will fit.
    So, is this one pocket, or 3 pockets, and, how does it close? Does it use a zipper, or velcro, or what?

    Did you have the price in your ad?
    dtzackus ·
    Are you interested in the tonneau bag for the 07' Avy? I was a memeber of the Avy Fan Club, and they told me the tonneua covers are all the same, but I have been lied to before. Dan
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