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  • mcpam ·
    2000 Silverado security light came on headlights went out, was bypassed - but security light stays on even when the truck is turned off. Any suggestions, Help!
    tbplus10 · ·
    If you haven't yet posted your problem on the board do so, I'm sure "Motor City Rick" will be along soon and give you some pointers on troubleshooting the problem
    Yaye ·
    Hi ,tbplus I'm new around here I got a 93 Chevy suburban I was wondering how much was it to supercharge your vehicle ?
    Riley farnsworth ·
    Hi tbplus I'm new to the page,
    I picked up a 2010 Silverado off of a buddy for penny's on the dollar it was a deal I couldn't pass up.
    It's a 2wd 5.3 6 speed transmission ext cab Silverado. I was to convert it to 4wd I would like to do the Manuel shift on the floor but it looks like that was only made for the 4.8 what is your best judgement on this project and what parts should I use? Thank you for your time
    DMFC ·
    Hi tbplus, I'm new to the page I actually signed up because I'm thinking about sas swapping my 01 and saw you helped a guy out a lot a while back. Would it be a problem if I asked you questions along the way.
    Thanks in advance
    tbplus10 · ·
    No problem at all, Ill be glad to give you any pointers or info I have along the way.
    Will this be a daily driver after the swap or a weekend toy?
    tbplus10 ·
    You dont have to call me sir I work for a living (sorry old Military Humor). I bought a set of BellTech 2" lowering shackles for $65 on Ebay, I finally put them on 2 weeks ago, they were a fairly easy bolt on, about 2 hours, the truck was still about a 1/2" high in the back so I removed the blocks and now she's sitting a little low in the back, gotta look hard to notice but I know, still deciding if I want to put the blocks back in or find a way to drop the front, really leaning towards dropping the front after seeing a black 07 with a 2/4 drop. looked great.
    ChevyFan ·
    I'm trying to get 10 people to each write 5 blog posts on here by the end of the year? Do you think you can do this? The blog posts can be any length and on any subject. That will help to breath life back into the blogs. Thanks in advance.
    tbplus10 ·
    No problem, I have that picture on the computer somewhere. I noticed it's been acting funny lately and not always showing up.
    stephan ·
    Hi tbplus,
    Thanks for your reply on the pittman arm. You the man pal!! I will go there and hopefully find what I need. many thanks....... stephan
    BluBurb89 ·
    I've been trying to answer your PM to me but every time (5) I try to send it I get asked to re login and when I do the PM is lost. So "Thank You" for the time you spent sharing your expertise. Your Dad sounds genius! I'll not be going as extensively as he did but will be looking for the jacks.
    "Fair winds, calm seas and full sails" you old 'squid',
    Retired "Jarhead"
    tbplus10 ·
    When I was on Active Duty I flew E-2's for one tour our job was to pinpoint suspicious boats off the coast of South America then track them until DEA H-60's could arrive to intercept. While we waited for the DEA we would do low flyovers to get IR signatures of the target and determine amount of personnel aboard and if they had a radiation signature, once in a while they'd start shooting at us, we were unarmed so we'd take a high CAP and watch the H-60's light them up with rockets and 50 cals, usually after 1 or 2 passes they'd jump overboard and surrender.
    For the most part though drug ops were hours upon hours of boring patrolling with 5-10 minutes of excitement.
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