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Having trouble finding lower ball joints seem to have the forged control arms can you offer any assistance thanks Rick
I have a no start no communication to the OBD2 port. It will however crank by jumping the starter relay. The battery is new and has a fresh charge also replaced the starter motor and cleaned the battery terminals and ground points in several locations. Replaced the braided ground cable that goes...
4 WD - auto, rebuilt motor, new tires, excellent condition, call for more info.
this is the backyard rescue known as redragon even before recue, the name "redragon" was found scribed into gunk build up underneath cab while pulling Nv3500 the first time
2004 Suburban-Escalade Upgrade
2000 Silverado Z71 4WD Ext Cab w/ 5.3L
My long distance driver.
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Just a few shots of my project
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Beulah is my 2004 2500HD 4x4. She has a very nice life and she loves her pink and black lace.