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    Good day I'm new here. I have a 1992 gmc sierra with the 350, 4x4. 9 months ago the truck started back firing when accelerating. I checked the plugs and replaced them all and no issues until recently. Now when the truck is in any gear other than neutral, it lopes quite noticeably. I'm thinking...
  2. Work day

    Doing a little Rainey day fine tuning
  3. General Chevy & GM Tech Questions
    Hi Y'all, New to the forum here so take it easy on me. I have a 1992 K1500 just handed down to me from my pops. I would like to replace the front grille. Most everything you order in regards to parts are 88-98. However, I noticed the grille part is 1994-98. There are way more options in 94-98...
1-3 of 3 Results