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  1. Made an oopsie with ignition lock...

    Chevy C/K Truck Forum
    1975 Chevy C10 Custom Deluxe So the ignition lock cylinder was stuck in the run position (not the start position, the position where the aux power comes on) and it would not return to off so i wanted to replace it. Tried everything I could think of to get it to twist. Nothing worked. to remove...
  2. 95 Chevrolet K1500 5.7

    Chevy C/K Truck Forum
    Thinking about ditching the EFI and swapping to a carb, my only setback is the 4L60e. As far as I know the only things I need is a Holley carb and throttle position sensor kit, HEI distributor, matching intake for heads and carb (edelbrock performer 2104) and a fuel pressure regulator with the...
  3. Chevy C1500 lifted on 26x14 on 33’s

    Chevy C/K Truck Forum
    Here’s my build! She’s an 89. Still got lots of work to do but here’s progress so far. Yes I have the rear kit, I don’t like the squat myself but was too excited to put the wheels on and had to show it off but it’s being installed very soon. Follow me on Insta or subscribe to my YouTube for...
  4. 04 quadrasteer suburban 2500 lift kit

    Chevy Suburban Forum (GMC Yukon XL)
    Hey I have a 2004 quadrasteer suburban 2500 and am looking to put a lift kit preferably 7-8 inches and can’t find any lift kits past 5 almost and wondering if anybody has bought actual quadrasteer lift kits that tall or what they have done to modify the lift to work??
  5. 1999 Suburban k1500 PWR locks/flickering lights

    Chevy Suburban Forum (GMC Yukon XL)
    Can someone help with some advice or suggestions? My truck has issues with the auto door locks sporadically locking and unlocking by themselves, this even continues throughout the night. I removed the accessory power fuse for them, so I can manually lock my doors without them unlocking...
  6. 88-98 pressure plate alignment dowel pins. NEEDED?

    Chevy C/K Truck Forum
    I got a 90 c1500 that i just finished rebuilding. Im wondering if i need the dowel pins for the flywheel to pressure plate connection. or if i have oriented right, can i just use the mounting bolts torqued to spec? Thanks
  7. 2004 silverado 5.3l knock sensor issue

    Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)
    Hello. I have a 2004 silverado with the 5.3l vortec. Check engine light is on with code P0327 (knock sensor 1 circuit low). Before I take off the intake and replace it, I was wondering if someone could tell me what steps to do to verify it's the actual sensor itself and not something else. I've...
  8. 2003 Avalanche Z71 Front End Shaking

    Chevy Avalanche Forum (Escalade EXT)
    I'm giving my dad a ride from the airport and while on the highway i hit a small divot in the road and my front end began to violently shake and only subsided once i let off the gas. Trying to brake made it worse. My front-passenger tire is extremely worn on the outer edge as well. The local...
  9. Factory Paint?

    Chevy C/K Truck Forum
    On my 95 chevy it says "Heartbeat of America" is this factory done? Ive tried researching it but couldn't find anything.
  10. 89 K2500 Headlight and Stereo wiring issue

    General Chevy & GM Tech Questions
    This is my first post so I’m sorry if I go about it improperly in any way. having said that I purchased an ‘89 K2500 Scottsdale single cab last summer and have been slowly putting money into the pit. I got a pioneer head unit installed a couple months ago and everything seemed fine with it...