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  1. 06 envoy xl intermitten popping sound front driver side

    The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat
    For 5 weeks now traveling 40+mph there has been an intermittent popping sound in the front driver tire only just changed the tie rod it was bad but sounds still there i know im going to get an alignment tomorrow since the tire rod just got changed but I'm concerned it's serious and ideas.this...
  2. P1481 code but not showing further Transmission issues?

    Chevy Trailblazer Forum (GMC Envoy)
    hello guys, A week ago i was driving down the highway and the truck out of nowhere just seemed like it would no go above 1st gear. I got to get home but when i tried to put it in reverse its just stuck. Got my hands on a scan tool and it would only give me P1481 but here i was hoping it would...