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  1. 97 jimmy 4.3 need HELP with fuel issue

    Chevy Blazer Forum (GMC Jimmy)
    I have a 97 jimmy 4.3. Was driving to work and it died, wouldn't start again. I was on the 2nd fuel pump already. So, here's where I am: put in new fuel pump, new filter, new pressure regulator. Tested injectors, all OHM to spec. It will start on starting fluid. Has 60 PSI at the fuel peckcock...
  2. 98 Safari AWD brake line replacing

    Chevy Astro Forum (GMC Safari)
    Hi, I recently had a master cylinder line blow out, rear port to be more exact. I know how to replace it, but the bleeding of the ABS system is where I am going to face issues. Is there possibly a PC software I can download that will allow me to connect my obd2 usb cable to the van and be able...
  3. 92' GMC k1500 5.7 bogging down

    Chevy C/K Truck Forum
    I have a 92 GMC k1500 5.7 TBi 350, I got this truck about 6 months ago. The engine has a little over 100k miles on it so not original engine. The truck boggs down constantly but not where it cuts off, it idles great but when giving it gas it runs like it's lost half the power. Every now and...
  4. How hard is it to replace a front crank seal on a 08 sierra v6?

    Maintenance & Upkeep
    Have a leak and its from the front crank seal. Just wondering if anyone has replaced this before and if I should do it myself if its not a hard job or just take it to a shop.
  5. Break\taill lights

    Chevy C/K Truck Forum
    I have a 1997 GMC Sierra 1500 5.7L 4L60E I'm hanging issues with my break lights and right turn signal. I checked all fuses. My left turn signals work front & back, and front right will work if I keep manually lift it up and down. No reverse lights. First pic is with lights off second with them...
  6. 89 K2500 Headlight and Stereo wiring issue

    General Chevy & GM Tech Questions
    This is my first post so I’m sorry if I go about it improperly in any way. having said that I purchased an ‘89 K2500 Scottsdale single cab last summer and have been slowly putting money into the pit. I got a pioneer head unit installed a couple months ago and everything seemed fine with it...
  7. My wedding day

    My wedding day

    She wasn't expecting me to drive the 4wd to our wedding lol but I couldn't resist!