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  1. Chevy Blazer Forum (GMC Jimmy)
    Hello! I bought my first car about a year ago and since I don’t know a whole lot about them, I totally didn’t realize four inches of slop in the steering was bad. I was awestruck, I didn’t want to let the truck go, I loved it so much! Anyways, it’s done now, and after both tie rods being...
  2. Chevy Blazer Forum (GMC Jimmy)
    I have a 97 jimmy 4.3. Was driving to work and it died, wouldn't start again. I was on the 2nd fuel pump already. So, here's where I am: put in new fuel pump, new filter, new pressure regulator. Tested injectors, all OHM to spec. It will start on starting fluid. Has 60 PSI at the fuel peckcock...
1-2 of 2 Results