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  1. 1994 K1500 Grille on 1992?

    General Chevy & GM Tech Questions
    Hi Y'all, New to the forum here so take it easy on me. I have a 1992 K1500 just handed down to me from my pops. I would like to replace the front grille. Most everything you order in regards to parts are 88-98. However, I noticed the grille part is 1994-98. There are way more options in 94-98...
  2. 1989 k1500 overheating

    Chevy C/K Truck Forum
    So I bought an ‘89 k1500 with the good ol’ sb 350 which I’ve been fixing up for over a year now. Truck had blown heads and gaskets. I’ve now replaced all of that including the radiator, thermostat, brand new coolant, new head gaskets, new fan clutch, and even installed an electric fan since I’ve...
  3. Upstate NY K1500 (Superman Sh*tbox)

    Member Introductions
    Hello everyone, new member from Upstate NY. Purchased a 94 Sierra K1500 4.3 with 116k for $600. Did a full tuneup and few other things (two small frame patches, got rid of the shot bed, upgraded to beefier tires and replaced the speakers) got a few ideas of what I wanna do to it. Gonna browse...
  4. Help swapping a 6.0

    Chevy C/K Truck Forum
    I have a 1996 tahoe 2 door 4wheel drive and i wanna swap a 6.2 from a escalde in it were are some places or websites i would be able to get a plug and play harness or what i would have to do to get it all wired up and ready to run im sorta cluless on swapping ls's
  5. 92' GMC k1500 5.7 bogging down

    Chevy C/K Truck Forum
    I have a 92 GMC k1500 5.7 TBi 350, I got this truck about 6 months ago. The engine has a little over 100k miles on it so not original engine. The truck boggs down constantly but not where it cuts off, it idles great but when giving it gas it runs like it's lost half the power. Every now and...
  6. LS1 in my 1994 K1500

    Chevy C/K Truck Forum
    Hello everybody, I have done a lot of research on how i'm going to make my LS1 fit into my truck. It's a 1994 k1500 regular cab short bed. The only thing I am having trouble nailing down is if my 4L60E (original to he truck) is going to bolt up to the LS engine or if I will need an...
  7. Window wiring conversion

    Chevy C/K Truck Forum
    I have a 1997 k1500 z71. I recently bought a 1991 k 1500 parts truck. My question is since the 91 has the older style switches and wiring harness. Can I find anything in the aftermarket to plug straight in to my existing truck harness to convert it to the older door harness. My problem is that I...