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    Sorry guys I’m new to using a forum like this, I have a 95 extended cab Cheyenne 2wd. 350 carbed motor with a 5spd man. I’m looking to keep it stock height but add some bigger wheels and tires. It sits on 15s now which I despise to be honest so I want to buy some black 16” wheels but I’m not...
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    Hey everyone, i’m a 15 year old looking for my first vehicle. i’ve been wanting to get a k1500 for awhile but i’m not sure. i’m hoping to get a ‘95-‘97 k1500 5.7...but i’ve been doing some research and found that transmission problems are common, along with some brake problems. i’m going to be...
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    Hello i have a 1988 k1500 , recently i was at a red light when my oil gauge was on the first like on the gauge then dropped to 0 and made the check gauges light turn on , but then quickly it went back up to the first like again. Any help i would really appreciate it. Thanks
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    I am new to this forum. Not new to Chevys. I have driven and owned and worked on many of them over half a century. I currently have three OBS pickups, one of them is my parts truck. On the 93 GMC Sierra SLE stepside, I have rebuilt the engine (5.7 V8), the transmission, brake system, air...
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    I have a 1999 Chevy Tahoe that hesitates bad sometimes when you accelerate hard as soon as it gets warm. When it’s cold it runs great. I have changed plugs, wires, distributor cap and rotor button about 6 months ago as well as the fuel filter this week. But it is now getting terrible gas...
1-6 of 6 Results