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  1. Medium-duty Truck Forum
    Hello everyone, I have C5500 gas engine 2007. Recently it started to get hot. Temperature goes up to red zone on dashboard, but when a heater is going on it goes down. Never overheated the engine though. Replaced a radiator since it had very small leak, but the problem is still there. And also...
  2. Chevy C/K Truck Forum
    So I bought an ‘89 k1500 with the good ol’ sb 350 which I’ve been fixing up for over a year now. Truck had blown heads and gaskets. I’ve now replaced all of that including the radiator, thermostat, brand new coolant, new head gaskets, new fan clutch, and even installed an electric fan since I’ve...
  3. Chevy C/K Truck Forum
    Just a warning this is going to be cringeworthy for you professional mechanics and gearheads. This is my first purchase of an older vehicle and this is my attempt to teach myself how to work on/ diagnose problems on a car. Mistakes were made. I bought a 1989 Chevy Silverado c2500 off a guy on...
1-3 of 3 Results