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hi guys

i have a 2002 silverado 4x4 with a 4.3 v-6
it is a work truck short bed with a 5 speed manual transmission.
while driving, when the truck hits about 2000 rpm i lose power and the truck bucks and shakes. it acts like it is going to stall, it feels like the truck should be back fireing, but it doesnt. i just replaced the fuel pump it went in july and with the new pump i installed the upgraded wiring kit that came with the pump along with a new fuel filter. i also replaced the cam shaft sensor, i tested it when the pump went. i had this problem before the fuel pump went though. i also want to ad the only upgrade i have on the truck is a K&N air filter. does any body have any suggestions???
Have the engine vacuum checked. It could be a plugged catalytic converter.
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