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Maybe someone can help...Heres my problem...

First of all, my keyless entry works very sparatically. When the keyless entry is not working the following occurs:
-my battery is dead if the TB sits for a day or so.
-when i turn off the TB the radio shuts off as well but it should continue for 10 minutes or so. (which seems like the TB thinks a door is open, but all of the interiors go off when the doors are shut)
-the lights above the license plate do not work.
-the tailgate lock and rear wind sheild wipers have been acting up...sometimes not wanting to lock/operate, etc.

I have gone through the other posts and it looks like a couple of possible problems are the Body Control Module, a Fuse, Lift Gate Module, a ground from one of the modules, or wires in the boot of the liftgate touching...

Has anyone out there found a solution that worked for this problem??

OK...After looking at some other web sites it sounds like the BCM is bad...can anyone explain the location of the BCM?? I would like to replace it myself before i take it to the dealership for programming

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