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Hello All:

I am the proud owner of a 2002 Yukon. I have not had any major issues until last year. I have approx 139,000 miles on my truck and now that the front a/c on max, only blows luke warm air. The rear A/C is nice and cold.
I have already had the blend air door motor/servo changed and that mad a difference for about 3 months, I took it back and they replaced the servo/motor and that worked for all of winter. Here in Florida the winters are warm in the 60's to 70's. We still use the a/c. Now that we are in Spring the temps are avg 84-91 degrees. The a/c has let me down again.
I tested the blend air door motor located at the bottom of the passenger footwell near center dash. I fliped the blend air door by hand and when it is on high heat it is high has heck. Then i flip the door to the cold end and I get just luke warm/cool air. I do not feel any kind of obstruction with that mechanism. I purchased a blend air motor for the aux. It is supposed to be located at the top of the dash. After spending 3 hours removing 7mm bolts I realized that the vent ducts obstruct the access to the motor/servo. I could not get to it to save my life.

Long story short, does anyone have an HVAC or A/C duct diagram that they can share to help me trouble shoot this anomaly?
it is so unbearible in the front that my dog (boxer) refuses to ride with me, he will only ride in the rear. (spoiled brat).
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