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power fold

Hey julian i think this maybe my problem as well, this is the original question i posted on a different forum.
< Hey fellas need some help.. I have a 03 tahoe LT which has the power folding mirrors. A couple days ago they started to give me some trouble, the driver side mirror would not respond to the closing command whereas the pass side was folding on time. I tried to adjust the driver side lens up or down and it wouldn't respond so i moved it by hand and it started to work after that but still it wouldn't fold in. I folded it by hand and tried to open it by power and it worked but still it would not fold on its own, now either side wont power fold in but they would open out if i fold them by hand. They get the command but wont fold, like the lens starts to move but they go rite back and wont fold. Sorry for the lengthy post but wanted to provide as much info as i could. Any help is greatly aprecciatedted in a different forum.>
Thanks again for ur help, will try this tomorrow hope this works
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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