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Hi All,

I am BRAND NEW to the forum. My good friend has an 03 Silverado 1500 HD with 6.0L V8.

It is throwing two codes, a P0128 and P0522. These are for oil pressure and coolant thermostat. These have been on for months and months, and have not affected drivability according to her.

Upon removing the battery for a spell on Saturday, a week ago almost, the car wouldnt idle periodically upon start up. Obviously those codes disappeared because the battery was out.

Now it actually dies on occasion from low idle, especially when the AC is on, or at slow speed tight turns, obviously from strain on the engine at low speed.

Does anyone think that these are somehow related? or have I finally had my throttle body gunk up and not idle properly?

or could there be some sensors that are out that are causing the PCM to not make the proper adjustments?

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