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03' silverado 2wd lift

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hey guys,
i have an 03' silverado ext. cab 2WD. i want to fit either 33's or 35's i have looked around on website and talked to a few people but i just want som more ideas. what do you guys think i could do it it?


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Hey bud, I am in the same boat, only trying to fit 285/70/17's right now, and eventually a 33 or 35 when I finish up college and stop doing this 700 mile round trip. Only thing is we seem to be getting more views than replies, guess fellow truck lovers are tired of helping for free. (sarcastic...dont bite my head off).
Check out, go to there 2wd truck gallery.
it all depends on what size tires you want with the size lift im running 33's on a 6" fabtech and i love it. your best bet if to run a 6" lift since you can fit 33's no problem and if you want to upgrade your tires downt he road to a 35 you can with out buying a body lift or another suspension lift.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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