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Bad gaskets, 2 bad pushrod and 2 chewed up rockers. This thing was in need of a rebuild

Bad gaskets everywhere, oil leaks, and 2 bad /clogged pushrods chewing up 2 of my rockers
Filthy block fully stripped

Signs of excessive blow by. But the rods and pistons were in great shape.

Pistons show signs of excessive blow-by, but overall in good shape
All cleaned up ready to rebuild.

All cleaned up ready to rebuild
Cylinders honed, rings cut, and pistons installed.

Cylinders honed, parts cleaned, +5 rings cut, pistons installed
Fresh primer coat.

Throwing on a fresh coat of primer
Oil pan and timing cover ready for install

Ready for the oil pan and timing cover
Fully painted and ready for the new PRC stage 2.5 ported polished and milled 243 head castings.

Fully painted and ready for PRC stage 2.5 Ported, polished milled 243 Head Castings
Finished product. Well, just about.

Front view finished product
This beauty is ready to give new live to my truck!

Done and ready to breathe new life into my truck.

TSP 220R cam, Yank 3200 Stall TC, Johnson lifters, +2 advanced timing adjustable Rollmaster timing set, PRC 243 heads, and all new fel-pro and Mahle gaskets (besides new OEM GM head gaskets) O-rings and bushings, Sealed Power Single Molly piston rings, and Clevite 77 Bearings all around, with coated cam bearings. Headers arent really on yet. I just really wanted to see them.

Now I just have to get it put in, get the headers, pulleys and intake on, harnesses hooked back up and then its time to figure out how to get it tuned and get the downstream O2 sensors deleted with my Blackbear Autocal.

This is my first time ever doing anything close to this before. I change my own brakes, oil and the like, but never anything like this. My uncle builds race motors as a hobby and walked me through the whole process. This was a lot of fun. I learned so much this engine malfunction turned out to be a blessing.
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