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04 Z71 5.3L Looking to upgrade brakes

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It's the new guy again. Another thing I'm wanting to do is improve the brakes on my truck. Never thought the OEMs were that great especialy with the larger wheels. So I'm willing to upgrade the rotors and pads. Any suggestions?
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Hey Heartbeat! Does that kit come with Hawk LTS pads? I'm looking to upgrade my brake setup soon also. But, I get married in a few weeks which explains my empty wallet.

Hi ADude, my buddy's got a big brake kits for sale, if you're interested.
ADude, sorry if I'm crashing your thread but.....

I was planning on getting some Hawk LTS pads all around and just resurfacing my rotors. I'm still debating whether to have SS lines cut. I know a local shop that cuts lines for really cheap. They cut lines for drag car & etc.

But, this setup would still run me about $250.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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