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05 Clolorado hesitation

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Well , it's now official in writing. GM will do nothing to correct the "hesitation and backfire" in my 05 Colorado.
In frustration and out of nowhere the other day I turned on the ignition, did not start the engine, and pressed the accelerator to the floor three times in rapid succession, to see if I could hear the throttle working. The sound system, and I assume the PCM, emitted three or four "beeps". I started the vehicle and to my surprise the "hestitation" is almost, not completely, but almost gone. Does anyone know what I did in doing this??? It may be my imagination but it seems to run better too. Haven't listened for the "backfire" yet. RG
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No, sorry. It could be just about anything, this is a puzzler.
I think that you reset your Oil Life Monitor when you "turned on the ignition, did not start the engine, and pressed the accelerator to the floor three times in rapid succession".
At least, that is how you do it on my dad's 06 Sierra.

I'm just finishing up a lease on an 03 Sonoma right now and it isn't equiped with an OLM but I'm pretty sure the Colo/Cany's are. I just ordered an 07 Canyon so I won't have an owners manual to check for you until my truck comes in.

I have no idea how the OLM could possibly affect throtle response(hesitation). Do you know if these trucks have electronic throtle control?
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yes you have reset the oil life function on the computer, other than that I have no idea if that resets any other function on the EEC or not! I have just had the oil changed in my "06 this week, and they had me reset the oil life, and it seems to run better also, not sure if this is a break in period or not preset by GM on the EEC.
Hi All, Just came back from a 4 week 6000 km trip to Eastern Canada with my 05 Colarado and camper. Had a good trip and had as good as 21 mpg and as bad as 17 mpg with the camper on. Without it on PEI we got 31. I triple checked because I did not believe it. I've never had consumption like that. (Note this is using real Imperial gallons not those funny US things). Got some Esso gas in New Brunswick and the truck nearly stopped it performed so badly. Did my trick with the gas peddle and refilled with Shell gas and what a difference. Stuck to Petrocanada or Shell all the way home. Coming back from Kingston today did not change down once on the same hills that in June caused fourth and third gears to be used. The truck seems to have "settled down" now. Have turned 32000 now. Will just have to see how long this "behavior" lasts. First "OLM" oil change was at 18,000. Will wait for a few more to see if if in fact I did reset the oil life monitor however my manual says to reset the OLM you need to press the odometer reset knob while the "reset oil life" flag is on. It also gives a few beeps when done. RG
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Colorados dont like to start cold for some reason. It kinda helps if you turn the key all the way without starting it and hold it there for some time before starting up.
Starting with the 02 Trailblazer Chevy began reworking and redesigning the starting systems, including the starter lock when the engine is running, etc. I wonder if it's related to that at all.
I agree, the 4 beeps is the OLM resetting
press the pedal to the floor three times resets the oil life
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