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My speedometer for the past few months will read alot slower than what Im really going if I get on it from a dead stop. Today, my tach (while the engine is off) is at 4k rpm. When driving, it works but it pegs out.

I did some research and found this settlement. They claim to have mailed out letters but I never received one, go figure.
I will be calling the dealership that services my truck on Monday. Will post follow ups as they go. I shouldnt have a problem with them, my truck is 6 years old, 43k miles, and my vin falls in the list below. But you know how they are.
Will update Monday 04/11/11
Hers the website, the list below is a bit hard to read.

If anyone having trouble with their cluster, see if your vehicle is listed.

In order to qualify for the special coverage adjustment (Special Policy Adjustment 07187a) awarded in the class action settlement, your 03, 04, or 05 Chevrolet must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Less than 7 years old
  • Less than 80,000 miles (130,000 km)
  • Built within the VIN breakpoints (see below)
Vehicles Involved

Most newer vehicles (1972 and later) have their VIN located on the left hand (driver’s side) dashboard. It should be visible from the lower corner of the windshield. The VIN is 17 digits long, but you will only need to check the last 8 digits against the table below.
YEAR MODEL VIN FROM VIN THROUGH 2003 Avalanche *********3G100001 *********3G347428 2004 Avalanche *********4G100011 *********4G344788 2005 Avalanche *********5G100003 *********5G199674 2003 Silverado *********31100001 *********31412794 2003 Silverado *********3E100001 *********3E381150 2003 Silverado *********3F100001 *********3F259060 2003 Silverado *********3M100001 *********3M112290 2003 Silverado *********3Z100001 *********3Z361857 2004 Silverado *********41100005 *********41435572 2004 Silverado *********4E100001 *********4E403760 2004 Silverado *********4F100001 *********4F269046 2004 Silverado *********4M100006 *********4M112271 2004 Silverado *********4Z100002 *********4Z353683 2005 Silverado *********51100014 *********51247028 2005 Silverado *********5E100002 *********5E223209 2005 Silverado *********5F800001 *********5F882297 2005 Silverado *********5Z100003 *********5Z224691 2003 Suburban *********3G100007 *********3G348254 2003 Suburban *********3J100007 *********3J346322 2003 Suburban *********3R100004 *********3R319989 2004 Suburban *********4G100010 *********4G344801 2004 Suburban *********4J100031 *********4J333376 2004 Suburban *********4R100001 *********4R323241 2005 Suburban *********5G100001 *********5G199663 2005 Suburban *********5J100003 *********5J192999 2005 Suburban *********5R100015 *********5R199187 2003 Tahoe *********3J100001 *********3J346326 2003 Tahoe *********3R100014 *********3R320162 2004 Tahoe *********4J100005 *********4J333379 2004 Tahoe *********4R100003 *********4R323252 2005 Tahoe *********5J100002 *********5J193163 2005 Tahoe *********5R100002 *********5R199238 My vehicle qualifies for the settlement, now what?

Contact the nearest Chevrolet dealership to schedule an appointment. You will need to provide the VIN and vehicle mileage so the instrument cluster can be ordered in advance of the appointment. This will eliminate the need to keep the vehicle overnight.
My vehicle DOES NOT qualify for the settlement. What’s my best option?

Southern Electronics can repair your speedometer cluster the same day we receive it. We use the new OEM factory redesigned motors (X25.168), not old surplus or motors stripped from junkyard units that will fail again. Repairs include our 12 month hassle free warranty on the entire unit not just parts changed. We rebuild the entire unit, replacing all of the gauge stepper motors and illumination lamps, and send it back better than new.
Sending us your cluster couldn’t be easier. Just follow these simple instructions:

  1. Remove the instrument cluster from the vehicle (video instructions)
  2. Print out a free UPS Ground shipping label
  3. Print and complete our Instrument Cluster Return Form (PDF)
  4. Pack the cluster and return form together in a box (video instructions)
  5. Affix the free shipping label and send it to us
Monday 4/11/11
Called them and told them whats going on with my gauges. Also told them I had papers showing the recall. Told me to bring it in to get info from the cluster to order a new one and have it programmed. This coming Saturday (4/16/11) Is when it will be installed. They were nice on the phone, and co-operative.

Wednesday 4/13/11
Went in to have them get the info off of the cluster. The gauges were working fine going there. I figured they were going to test the gauges, so i told them they worked on the way here. They said they will go out again later, we just need the info from the cluster to order another one. Took about a half hour, told me to come in Saturday and they will put in the new one.

Saturday 4/16/11
Took it in and they replaced the cluster. They reprogrammed it with the information that they got off it last Wednesday. Also put the miles it had on it from Wed. So, it was ready to go in no time, being pre-programmed already. Has a 1 year/ 12k mile warranty.
Very pleased.
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