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'05 Silverado Z71/1500 - Spark plugs 4 are tan, and 4 are BLACK carbonized?

Hello, back on March 5, 2011, of this year, I posted this message about my truck here on this site, and a few problems that I was having.

2005 Z71 Silverado Truck
4 Wheel drive

“In the last few days I've noticed an oil leak that seems to be leaking under the intake manifold towards the back top of the engine. Just curious if anyone here has dealt with this before and where the problem could be originating from?”

“Also, are there any FREE online Chevrolet 1500 trucks "HOW TO" guides as far as tearing this area apart? I think Chilton or other manuals online cost lots of money. I called a local shop and they wanted about $800.00-$1500.00 to fix it, and I can not afford that at this time....or any other time, for that matter. I thought maybe the valve gasket cover has blown.”

……And yesterday, July 16, 2011

When I pulled the 8 spark plugs out (not to mention the plug wires falling apart, the four plugs on the passengers’ side looked the normal tan color, but the remaining four on the drivers side were all black and really carbonized. What would be the first place to be suspicious of, and what other scenarios would cause these two different engine sides of the spark plugs being black and then normal tan color on the other side? Thanks for any replies.

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